Above all else, I am an artist, creativity is my life and purpose. I believe that art has applications in everything, which is why I created Flourish Artistic Services, in an ongoing deliberate effort to create public art with purpose that anyone can experience and enjoy. I have a significant background in realism and a vigorous passion for drawing, which I pursue alongside my mural business. I aim to evoke emotion in all of my works. Before I started my journey of professional art, I was a full-time athlete. Art had always taken a backseat to basketball until a series of career-ending injuries lead me to turn to my artwork for support and purpose. Doing so, I developed an artistic skill-set and passion unlike anything I could have ever imagined. I chose art over sports and never looked back. Every day, I am able to apply the discipline I learned through athletics to my artwork and dream of being a prosperous artist. I approach art and work with the mindset that the starving artist archetype is antiquated and absurd, the time has never been better for artists to not only develop their works, but prosper as well. Art has a powerful force unlike anything else in this universe. This is a force that I strive to share with as many people as possible every day. I look forward to a lifetime of creating beautiful artwork built on a foundation of creativity, passion, and excellence. 

As an artist, I find myself drawn towards the concepts of human psychology, spirituality, emotion (both evoking and portraying), nature, surrealism, and detail. Particularly dedicated to the perceived “illusion of reality” on paper, I strive to accomplish a semblance between detail and subject matter to create the depth of a multi-dimensional art experience on a two-dimensional sheet of paper. To achieve this I use a combination of graphite, charcoal (mostly powdered), and a variety of blending tools and erasers. Most of my pieces are large (now at minimum of 18” x 24”) and take a minimum of 100-200 hours to complete. I am completely and entirely self taught. I am currently working in my studio north of Boston, MA.